We find joy in sharing


Over the last few months the ‘ishare’ programee has generated great interest in the students young minds on the need for forming a good habit and what they could collectively do even while contributing as little as Rs.1 every day.

It is the cooperation of the parents to bring the above message to their children and the efforts our teachers which helped us to move ahead. We the students are proud to be part of this movement, the movement to develop the habit of sharing.

On 22nd December 2012 we visited the below given institutions to distribute the items purchased for them. First we visited ‘ The ‘Valsalya Bhavan’ at Thammanam. There were 20 inmates. All girls between the age group of 6-18 years. We distributed 3 wooden tables, 20 chairs, 20 bed sheets, 12 mts of window curtains, 4 buckets, 40 pieces of bathing soaps and 16 kg of washing powder. The total amount spent for the above institution was Rs.20,630.

Next we went to ‘The House of Providence’ at Kacheripadi. There were 103 inmates. All were aged and abandoned. Their requirements were amplifier set with mike system and speakers to enable the aged people to listen to the announcements made from where they are. We could fulfill their long awaited dream come true by handing over the same. We also got 103 bed sheets for them. It was indeed a blessing in disguise to see that we could touch many longing hearts through this ‘ishare’ programme . The total amount spent for ‘The House of Providence’ was Rs.42,036.

We the Students are certain that our support will go a long way in their needs and we find joy in supporting others.

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