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‘ishare’ means I AM SHARING.

The vision of ‘ishare’ is to lead our children to experience the joy of sharing so that sharing becomes a natural impulse – a habit in their lives.

‘ishare’ was conceived because it is important to introduce the concept of social responsibility into the mental makeup of our children. ‘ishare’ enables our children to become alive to needs of our present so that they will be sensitive to those of the future.

Through the ‘ishare’ programme, our children pledge to contribute as little as 1Rupee every day during the 10 months of the academic year. The contribution collected is utilized by the children themselves to do activities of their choice outside their school campus benefiting the society.

The students also get a grant of up to Rs.50,000-00 per academic year – equal to the amount contributed by them, in appreciation of their good gesture. This amount is given to support and upgrade the school’s library benefiting each and every student in the school.

The programme thus:

  • a) Develops the habit of sharing in our children in a practical manner,
  • b) Enables our children to do activities benefiting the society,
  • c) Invests for the future.

In the process our children grow up to become responsible citizens, develop their leadership qualities, help to build a just and fair environment for everyone, and retain the social fabric intact. . That is the path to nation building.

‘ishare’ invites you to get involved. You can be a supporter, a volunteer or can start the programme in your old school or where your child studies. And, you become part of a growing family who cares about the next generation.

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