Handing over of the Bus Shelter


The greatest joy in the world is to bring a genuine smile on another face. The greatest satisfaction is to bring hope in another heart.

It is this joy and satisfaction that ‘ishare’ has helped us experience. By setting apart a mere 1 Re./day we have learned that a small thought can work big miracles; what matters is the willingness to help. ‘ishare’ has helped us become socially proactive- we have realised our duty to the people around us. But above everything, ‘ishare’ has formed in us a new habit, the habit of sharing, that will be a source of joy to us all our lives. Many parents witness that their children are now less selfish at home, that they are more helpful and generous. We have received so much more than what we have given to others!

The last ‘ishare’ project won great applause from the general public around Kalamassery locality. For years many thousands of tired travellers had wished for an additional Bus shelter at the HMT bus stop that would protect them from the scorching sun and the pouring rain. The wish came true when ‘ishare’ identified public infrastructure as its area of activity. The small sacrifices and the little treats that we missed out amounted to a total of Rs.2,04362/-. This ‘ishare’ collection was utilized to construct a Bus Shelter at the HMT stop. On 4th February 2012, during the Public School PTA Day celebrations, a replica of the bus shelter was handed over to Mr. Jamal Manakkadan, Kalamassery Municipal Chairman by Rajagiri Kindergarten students to symbolize the opening of the bus shelter. The chairman’s appreciation of the ‘ishare’ project and his gratitude to the school shows that our humble efforts to make a difference have touched a positive chord in public thinking. And greater happiness is ours when we see travel-weary people finding relief from the blazing summer sun under the ‘ishare’ shelter at HMT.

We are ready to move on and ‘share a smile’ again. This time we are combining the last two projects shown below. So this time our one rupee magic will help to transform the life of many a student otherwise destined to wilt due to lack of good facilities in school and sufficient resources. So keep your contributions ready; let’s do our extra best this time!

This collection schedule includes contributions for the months of Nov& Dec (Rs.61/-) which was not collected and Jan, Feb & March (Rs.90/-). The total amount is Rs.151/- per student for the five month period @ Rs.1/- per day.

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