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Be the Catalyst.
Let us join hands to support our children, motivate them and inspire them to form the habit of ‘sharing’ in their lives . This can be done by encouraging and recognizing their good initiatives.

By associating with ‘ishare’ (alone or with friends) you enable the programme to reach out to more schools and children. You become a motivational force and open up a wonderful opportunity for children to develop the good habit of sharing in a practical manner

Rs. 50,000/- Every year
1 Every School in the programme is entitled to get financial support of up to INR Rs. 50,000/- every academic year for procuring books of their choice for their library.
2 Support amount receivable for each academic term will be equal to the % of involvement of students. When students contribute 100%, the school library gets 100% of Rs.50,000/-.

Subject to :
a. In each academic term the school shall ensure that activities are done with the contributions made by students and its report uploaded on the ‘ishare’ web site.
b. 10% of the contribution in each term shall be set aside for a joint activity by all the ‘ishare’ schools, to be done in the 3rd academic term.

You can support

1. By offering a contribution / financial aid towards the Library Support given to schools.

SUPPORT NOW (Payment by : Online Or Credit Card Or Cheque/DD).

2. By choosing a school in the programme and offering the full Library grant amount of Rs.50,000-00 per year. CONTACT US

 100% of your contribution is used for the Library support. No amount is taken from your contribution for administrative expenses.
 Your contributions are eligible for Income tax exemption under 80G of the IT Act. (Certificate No… )