We the students are proud to be part of this movement


Over the last few months the ‘ishare’ programee has generated great interest in the students young minds on the need for forming a good habit and what they could collectively do even while contributing as little as Rs.1 every day.
It is the cooperation of the parents to bring the above message to their children and the efforts our teachers which helped us to move ahead. We the students are proud to be part of this movement, the movement to develop the habit of sharing.

What we did?
As part of ishare programme, we the students of The Dawn Public School, Palluruthy have contributed Rs.15,000/- for the months of August-September and October. The amount we have collected during these months was contributed to Assissi Relief Centre and Charitable Trust located at Kattiparambu. This centre is providing shelter for around 21 poor and old people who are helpless and sick. They are living in unhygienic and uncomfortable place. The building is quiet shabby and is about to collapse. The construction of a new building is going on adjacent. The construction has almost come to an end but the windows are not fixed. Around Rs. 30,000 is the estimated cost for the windows, so, we took the opportunity to help them by contributing the essential money for purchase of windows for the new Building.

We, the students in-charges and teachers have visited the place and spend nearly two hours with them and later handed over the contribution along with the external matching grant Rs. 30,000/- (Thirty Thousand only) to Mr. T.X. Joseph, Convener of the Trust. They Felt the Grace of God, providing the help on the right time. By end of December 2012, they are planning to shift to the new building. We feel proud and thank almighty God for providing us the opportunity to help poor and needy in a small way.

‘ishare’ Programme.

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